Welcome to KLEAN  
Our Associate Company, KLEAN LABORATORIES AND RESEARCH PVT LTD exclusively works in the analytical field and provides support service in Effluent Treatment plant feasibility projects by working on the samples as well as collects field data to establish treatment standards. KLEAN LABORATORIES AND RESEARCH PVT LTD is recognized as “ENVIRONMENTAL LABORATORY” under EPA Act 1986 by Ministry of Environment & Forest, New Delhi vide DO No.C-15018/12/2004-CPW dated 14th December 2004. Hence all our services will be approved technically by various State Pollution Control Boards.

KLEAN LABORATORIES AND RESEARCH PVT LTD provides various services required by the Industry as per Environment Protection Act 1986. This generally includes following,
1. Operation and maintenance of the Effluent Treatment Plants by employing our staff comprising Chemist, Operators & helpers.
2. Analysis of  Water/ Sewage and Effluent samples.
3. Stack Monitoring.
4. Ambient Air Monitoring.
5. Noise Level Monitoring within the factory.
6. Analysis of Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Waste Samples.
7. Preparation of annual “Environmental Statement”.
8. Work Zone Monitoring.