Various Projects
  1) Water Supply Systems and Water Treatment Plants:
    1. Design of Intake works.
    2. Water treatment plant designs to meet specific needs of the industry or public body.
    3. City water distribution network analysis.
    4. Investigate existing networks for leak detection and pressures.
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  2) Sewerage & Sewage Treatment Plants :
    1. Study existing sewerage scheme.
    2. Prepare comprehensive sewerage scheme based on projected population forecast.
    3. Provide details of sewerage scheme including design of various mains, sub-mains, laterals, pumping stations and appurtenance.
    4. Design of sewage treatment plant conforming either IS 4764 or for reuse in industry.
    5. Detailed engineering and start-up services as detailed under industrial effluents above.
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  3) Industrial Services:
    A) Effluent Treatment Plants
      1. Analysis and treat ability studies for the industrial effluents.
      2. Design of waste treatment plants to meet State Pollution Control Board’s standards.
      3. Prepare budget estimates and detailed drawings for the project.
      4. Provide engineering services like vendor selection, site supervision, inspection of equipment during     execution of the project.
      5. Assist during start-up of the treatment plant by deputing commissioning staff.
    B) Environmental Impact Assessment Study (eia):
      1. Ambient air quality including stack monitoring.
      2. To measure emissions of SO2, NH3, NOx, SPM etc.
      3. Water Quality: Analysis of existing water supply or anticipated source.
      4. Noise Level: Monitor noise levels within factory and surrounding areas.
      5. Soil Quality: To determine effect on soil due to percolation etc.
      6. Flora/Fauna: Study of Flora/Fauna and threat due to project if any
      7. Risk analysis, Environmental Management Systems, Health and Safety measures etc.
    C) Solid & Hazardous Waste Management :
      1. To identify suitable site for disposal of Organic/In-organic sludge.
      2. To carry out preliminary Impact assessment of various disposal sites and techno-economic factor like     transportation cost, preventive measures etc. for selecting the site.
3. To assist in selecting disposal site, co-ordinate with client and State Pollution Control Board and give all     technical clarifications for getting approval for the land for secured land-fill. To give technical assistance     to client in making applications to various authorities prescribed under Hazardous Waste (Management &     Handling) Rules 1989 as revised in the year 2002 & assist to obtain approval from statutory authorities.
      4. To prepare Tender documents to develop the selected site for converting to secured land fill site.
      5. To assist client in selecting the contractor for development of land.
      6. To construct leach ate free landfill site (Lagoon).
    D) Environmental Due Diligence Report
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  4) Monitoring Air Pollution And air Control Systems:
      1. Stack & ambient air sampling.
      2. Design of air pollution control system.
      3. Detailed engineering & project supervision.
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  5) Environmental Services to Industry
    A) Environmental Statement (Audit):

1. General review of company’s working as related to the existing requirements of Environmental 
    Protection Act.

2. To prepare the Environmental Statement as per Environmental Protection Act 1992 and the format     published by the Ministry of Environment & Forests as per GGR 329(E) dated 13/3/92.
3. Based on above data, to submit Industry’s ‘STATUS REPORT’ as per Form V (Part A to I) as published in     the notification of Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India, New Delhi
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B) Laboratory Services:


1.  Analysis of

  Water Samples for Drinking & Industrial use
  Wastewater Samples
  Soil Analysis
  Hazardous Wastes Analysis (Solid & Liquid)
  Noise Pollution Monitoring
  Air Emission Monitoring
  » Stack Monitoring
  » Ambient Air Monitoring
  » Work zone monitoring

2.  Pilot Plant Studies on effluents.

3.  Operation & Maintenance of Wastewater

treatment plants.

4.  Training program for ETP Personnel including Engineers, Chemists and Operators.


5.  Environmental Services to various industries to help them conform to ISO 9000/14001/18001, etc.


6.  Environmental due diligence surveys.


7.  Health and Hygiene Reports for the industries.