FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
  1. What is your normal turn-around-time?
    Normal Turn-around time is 5-14 days.
  2. What is your normal turn-around-time?
    Normal Sample Retention Time is 30 days.
  3. How much extra does it cost to have tests performed on a Rapid basis?
    We need prior notification for samples that need rush Samples requiring "Rapid" status must be cleared with the laboratory prior to analysis.
  4. I need a copy of an old test. How long do you keep records of my tests?
    5 Years.
  5. Which parameters have short holding times?
Hold times are calculated from the time the sample is taken. The following tests have short holding times:Eg.Para meter ,Hold Time BOD 48 hours,Chlorine, Residual ASAP,Chromium, Hexavalent 24 hoursColiform, Total and Fecal in waste water 6 hours,Coliform, Total and Fecal in Drinking water 30 hours,Color 48 hours,MBAS (Surfactants) 48 hours.

Nitrate 48 hours,Nitrite 48 hours,Odor 24 hours,Phosphate-ortho 48 hours Solids, Settle able 48 hours,Turbidity 48 hours