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  Offshore Outsourcing :  
  What is the need to Outsource?  
  Reduce working overheads significantly by Outsourcing.
  Risk sharing in project development.
  Share resources not available in-house.
  Gain access to Technology and world class resources.
  Finish projects before Deadlines.
  Make available all non-capital resources for other projects in-house.
  Taking a new look and new perspective on a project.
  We have an online Civil/Environmental drafting service dedicated to quality, accuracy and dependability. Our staff has over 20 years of experience. We specialize in a wide range of AutoCAD & Micro Station applications from New Product Documentation, We are equipped with the most advanced computer systems. Our Team of Drafters is well trained to handle all kinds of jobs. Our main goal is to provide complete design/drafting support via the Internet from our offshore location.